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Interactive market briefings from our partners at Amplify Trading

  • The Live briefings provide in depth analysis of market movement and coverage of the important daily news events.
  • Presented each day by Senior Traders from Amplify Trading.
  • Make sure you are up-to-date with current events and how they relate to the day’s market movements.

Real time news audio and headline feed

  • Real Time News Feed direct from RAN Squawk.
  • All market moving and important news supplied in real-time.
  • Market analysts monitor multiple news sources for you, so you can spend your time concentrating on your trading decisions.
  • We respect your trading time. That’s why we only broadcast when absolutely necessary – just so you don’t miss a thing.
  • A picture paints 1000 words! Live Streaming direct from our trading team helps you to understand our moves in the market.
  • Interact directly with all of the trading team as they discuss and place live trades in real time.
  • Our community platform allows members to talk and share chart information directly with all members.

Day trading strategy reports direct to your inbox

  • Produced daily by Trading-live senior analysts.
  • Designed to assist and inspire your own trade entries. See where our team are trading every day.
  • Our daily strategy report will give you a strong overview of anticipated market action and its relation to the day’s news releases.

“The Trading-live platform is a valuable tool to add to your trading arsenal, whatever your trading experience or background. From early morning research and detailed briefings, to real time execution of trades, exit management and the psychology involved from industry professionals. I find the trading forum very useful as it provides access to a community of traders with a range of trading strategies but with the common goal, to become consistently profitable. I highly recommend Trading-live as it is an essential part of any trading set up.”

Tony Leary

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